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An Independent Project Resource

I find that many SME businesses do not have the resources to manage their projects as they would like.  This is particularly true of specialist I.T and process improvement projects.  Often purchasing organisations rely on the project manager from the supplier organisation.

Although this may appear cost effective it is in fact a false economy.  No matter how good, supply side project managers cannot fully understand and appreciate commercial objectives and operational culture of the purchasing organisation.

Most often this is where I come in.  I act as an interface between the purchaser and supplier.  I also challenge the purchasing business to be clear about realistic project objectives.  I have also found that having an external resource act as project manager keeps the project team on their toes.

What I am like to work with

People tend to describe me as being an enthusiastic, honest, hardworking individual with a sense of humour.

I come from Liverpool originally which may help explain the latter.   I am an objective and considered thinker, with a preference for basing decisions on facts followed by thoughtful analysis.  My default mode is to turn initiatives into plans with objectives, and this is perhaps why I have also been called a ‘completion expert’.

In all the organisations I have worked in or for I have delivered projects which have resulted in significant change and increased operational effectiveness.  Although actually, this is what tends to happen when organisations introduce new systems and implement them properly.

Experience and Qualifications

As long ago as 1989 I completed an MSc course in computer science at the South Bank University.  This course turned out to be a pivotal point in my professional life.  During the course I was introduced to requirements analysis, software and systems design, database technologies, software development and lots of other interesting stuff besides –  including project management.  The course was called ‘Intelligent Management Systems’ and its main focus was on the design and development of systems using Artificial Intelligence and Expert System technologies (I got to use expert system shells and program in Prolog and LISP).  The course was challenging, stimulating, great fun and provided the basis for much of my professional work since in one way or another.

I have other qualifications too: LLB and MPhil in Law, Prince II (Practitioner) and a further post-graduate level diploma in project management.  Although I have spent much of my professional life working within the legal services industry (and much of that spent working with legal I.T) I also have project management experience in other sectors such as transport and logistics (distribution) and e-commerce.


I am based in Harrogate, married with two children in their early twenties.

I enjoy sports, especially golf.  Playing golf the way I do (ie badly) a sense of humour is essential, although I must confess to spending quite a lot of time practising the game.  I just don’t like doing anything half-hearted.  This also partly explains why I have a black belt in Karate.  As noted above, I like to complete things and a black belt was a clear objective.

How Can I Help You?

Enough about me, how about you? How can I help you?

Please click the button below to contact me and I will revert back to you as soon as I can.

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