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Interim Project Management for Yorkshire Businesses.

Implementing Projects Successfully

Businesses must move forward constantly if they are to remain competitive.  However the moving forward is done – most often by a combination of new I.T systems and improved operational processes – this involves change.

Implementing change successfully requires good project management.

Many businesses, especially SME’s, do not have the internal resources to manage projects and change as they would like.

Good project management requires the application of knowledge, experience, and supporting tools.

I have all of these, following almost 30 years experience of implementing I.T systems and process improvement initiatives.

Hire me as an interim / consultant project manager and I will help you change.

What I Do

Industry Sectors I Have Worked In

Legal Services

Law firm Practice Management Systems (PMS), legal workflow, legal project management and data analysis systems.

Warehousing & Logistic Businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).


Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce systems.

Transferable Skills

At first sight the industry sectors above may all appear very different.   However businesses in these sectors, and others, are all faced with the same challenge: how to do more with less.

Usually the means of overcoming the ‘more with less’ challenge is updating technology and operational processes.

Projects designed to help businesses achieve these aims have many things in common, regardless of specific industry sectors.

Although, having said that, it can sometimes be beneficial to apply approaches and lessons learned from one industry sector to another.

So even if you do not see your industry sector listed above, please contact me anyway for an informal chat.  At the very least, I am sure we would both learn something from the conversation.

Project Handover and Training

All organisations can improve their project delivery capability and project maturity.

With this in mind I always promote a project-based mindset, supported by project processes, in the organisations I am involved with.

Project handover therefore goes beyond simply completing the project.

I enjoy knowledge transfer along with more formal training of people about how to put the principles of project management into practice.  I like helping the development of individuals and their employer organisation.

About Me - Antony Smith

I am an experienced project manager, a long time member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM) and Project Management Institute (PMI).  I have post-graduate level qualifications in project management, I.T and law and I am also Prince II qualified (practitioner level).

I am a non-practising solicitor, which explains the particular interest in the legal industry.  After leaving academia I started out commercially as a legal expert system developer.  Even as a young solicitor I was always more interested in software and operational processes than practising law…

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